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Project Description
Bigg mass mailer will allow you ti import a mailing list in plain text with one email per line, and send a single mail to everyone in the list, ideal software if you want to mail newsletters for your clients.

Big Mass Mailer 2.0 is here with a complete re-write, now more easy to use than ever
simply surf the tabs up to down following this steps:

1) configure your smtp settings
2) Compose a message
3) Load your list, you can also choose to load valid emails only from your list, this will check for mail exchange records for each domain and leave only the ones which do have MX records so you dont waste time with the delivery failure notifications.
4) Finally, simply select the message and list to work with, and click "DO IT". Messages support html only if your email server allows it.

that's it, 4 steps, all simple :)

*Important note:

please don't try to use this software for massive mails, with a free email account such as gmail, yahoo or hotmail because you will get banned for a day
you better use email type. Thank you.


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