Sendin Mail:

1) Click Tools->Settings: In settings control add your settings specifications as follow:
Setings Title: Will be the name used to recognize what settings set to use at sending time
Sender´s email: your company's email, that you want to appear at client inbox this field is obligatory
Email password: your email account password for web request authentication fell free to check the source code, this is not a xploit
SMTP Server: this is the server address from your email provider hosts the service, click "Popular SMPT" to get a list of popular servers like Gmail, Hotmail etc
SMTP Port: usually 20 or 80, a simple search on google will answer which to use
Click save settings and your ready to continue.

2) Click File->Create new mail
Fill in subject and body of your new mail, please note that e-mail body can contain HTML code in it so feel free to add it
Click save, and your ready to continue.

3) Click File->Create mail list
Here are two options, first you can load a plain text with a list of e-mails, now is highly recommended to add one email per line
and not white lines has to be left, if so this can crash the sending process. Option 2 you can create a list adding emails one by one
with the group box "Load email manually". For both options you'll have to assign a named list like "VIP_Clients2010", after this your ready to go

4) Click Tools->Send Mail
Select settings drop menu, will show all the settings created on step 1, remember you had to name them? well this is why.
Select message, this will display all your email templates created on step 2
Select list, is the drop menu that will show all lists you have created, select one
Select attachment (Optional), here you can select a file to attach to the message, note that if the attachment is way to long lists will take a while to come done. Click on "MAIL IT" button and watch your email leave.

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